I’ve loved sewing and crocheting ever since I was a little girl. My Mother taught me one basic crochet stitch when I was twelve years old, and from there it kind of turned into a passion (obsession?) for me. My grandmother was a tailor and seamstress for over twenty-five years, and fortunately, both this special gift and trait were passed down to me.

Chic Handmade Couture

My lulu Couture is an upscale boutique specializing in handmade couture, upcycled, reconstructed, redesigned fashions and crochet apparel. I offer a myriad of unique designs… you’ll find handmade dresses, skirts, tutus, tops, accessories, headpieces and fascinators, plus baby gift sets and rare jewelry pieces. I also have a small, but growing collection for petite women and a selection of “patchwork” couture, too. I also go by lulu Couture (www.lulucouture.net), but I am growing and expanding… so please bear with me as I stock this new Boutique through the month of June 2014.

Crochet, from the French word, hook, creates such a chic, neat and stylish look. I am completely addicted to crochet couture… designing it, wearing it – contemporary, retro and Vintage alike. I also love ripping apart discarded, old, out-of-style clothes and remaking them into something beautiful. I love working with upcycled materials because I like to “bring the past back to life” so to speak. No fabric or textile ever goes to waste with me. One way or the other, I will find a way to reuse them and make something lovely from them.

Working from my in-home studio (there are a few photos in my journal), I lovingly create every design with diligence and passion, hand selecting and using only the finest, quality yarns and materials, as well as choosing fabrics that are unique, pretty, feminine and dare I say, out of style. I create fashions that are trendy, shabby, wispy, whimsical, romantic and Vintage inspired. Each is made with the utmost of care — exclusive, original — and as if I were wearing it myself or creating it for my family. Care and imagination go into every single stitch, from the first to the last. Designing with a “tattered” flair is my usual style, and I have to say, achieving that appeal is not always as easy as it looks. Countless hours go into the detail, and I am quite the perfectionist. I present every design as honestly and accurately as I can, carefully photographing each piece as soon as I finish it.

While I realize there exist countless designers and factories mass producing a “one style fits all” type brand, creating something from scratch, then sewing it by hand – to me – is a lost art. To that end, I strive to provide one-of-a-kind couture… designs that I’ve envisioned, sketched and then without a pattern, bring to life for your enjoyment.

My goal is to provide high-end couture, not found in any department store, for the discerning, selective shopper. Enjoy browsing and placing your order with the click of a button, and your purchase will be conveniently delivered right to your front door. Oh, technology today… how convenient, I say! I want you to be comfortable, happy and exceedingly satisfied with your purchase(s), whether you are treating yourself, or looking for a special gift. And honestly, I feel there’s nothing better than treating yourself to something special every now and again, or giving a handmade gift to someone you love. At the time of your order, each garment or headpiece is made to order especially for you if your size or color choice is not ready-made and showcased in the Boutique.

Lastly, my ideas, creativity, inspiration, talents and passion are truly genuine gifts from God. My walk and relationship with Jesus daily inspires, encourages and guides me. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, in addition to being a Mom and a homemaker, and life for me could not get any better. I’m more content than I can express with words. There’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you create something from the heart that started out as a sketch, vision or idea, and it becomes something tangible, wearable, artistic. The feeling is just indescribable.

There’s a lot to see – all things chic from babies to brides. Shop my Boutique with ease on your desktop or mobile phone. I’m pleased to present my 2014 Collection, which is ever growing. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return often,

Maria – Owner, Designer xoxo ♥

New designs are always in the works… please check back frequently.

My lulu Couture Online Boutique - About the Designer

lulu Couture - chic and ye shall find...


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